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Last updated: Thu, 21 Aug 2003

LXIV. Mohawk Software session handler functions


msession is an interface to a high speed session daemon which can run either locally or remotely. It is designed to provide consistent session management for a PHP web farm. More Information about msession and the session server software itself can be found at

Note: This extension is not available on Windows platforms.



To enable Msession support configure PHP --with-msession[=DIR], where DIR is the Msession install directory.

Runtime Configuration

Resource Types

Predefined Constants

Table of Contents
msession_connect -- Connect to msession server
msession_count -- Get session count
msession_create -- Create a session
msession_destroy -- Destroy a session
msession_disconnect -- Close connection to msession server
msession_find -- Find value
msession_get_array -- Get array of ... ?
msession_get -- Get value from session
msession_getdata -- Get data ... ?
msession_inc -- Increment value in session
msession_list -- List ... ?
msession_listvar -- List sessions with variable
msession_lock -- Lock a session
msession_plugin -- Call an escape function within the msession personality plugin
msession_randstr -- Get random string
msession_set_array -- Set array of ...
msession_set -- Set value in session
msession_setdata -- Set data ... ?
msession_timeout -- Set/get session timeout
msession_uniq -- Get uniq id
msession_unlock -- Unlock a session

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Mohawk Software session handler functions
mathijs at experimental dot net
13-Sep-2002 11:02
msession 1.0 (020603) is using /dev/urandom.
a dot whyte at cqu dot edu dot au
09-May-2002 07:53
You can fix the no random data in FreeBSD's /dev/random by using rndcontrol (as root) and setting the interupts which it looks at for entropy.

Something like  rndcontrol -s 14 -s 15  should help it out.
carsten at sarum dot dk
07-May-2002 05:12
If you have trouble connecting to the msessiond from a php-script, this might be the solution for you.

msessiond (and your php-extension) both use the libphoenix.a which, among other files, is built from a file called "mutils.cpp".

Open this file, and find a line saying:

FILE *f = fopen("/dev/random", "rb");

(I believe it is line 506. There's only this one.)

On my FreeBSD 4.5 Tiny, /dev/random seldom spits out data, so the program hangs on the next line (an fread() call). Use /dev/urandom instead, it always sends data.

Change the line above to:

FILE *f = fopen("/dev/urandom", "rb");

Then rebuild phoenix-lib, msessiond, and PHP. You might want to do a "make clean" to be sure the change is noted.

- Carsten

 Last updated: Thu, 21 Aug 2003
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