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Last updated: Thu, 21 Aug 2003

XXV. .NET functions



This extension is EXPERIMENTAL. The behaviour of this extension -- including the names of its functions and anything else documented about this extension -- may change without notice in a future release of PHP. Use this extension at your own risk.

Table of Contents
dotnet_load -- Loads a DOTNET module

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.NET functions
15-Jul-2003 07:56
12-Feb-2003 11:14
Sterling has been working on the ability to use Mono with PHP which essentially allows .NET and more information can be seen here:
jainjayesh74 at yahoo dot com
22-Oct-2002 12:18
To Use .NET assembly in PHP

The Component Object Model (COM) allows an object to expose its functionality to other components and to host applications. Interoperability with COM -- or COM interop -- allows you to create a COM wrapper around the .NET components, which makes Windows look at them as COM objects and thus makes them available to all of the calling COM applications ?including PHP.

PHP has built-in functionality to use COM objects. Using the COM interop feature of .NET, we will create a wrapper around the .NET assembly and use it in PHP.

I have written a detailed article on how to do this please visit

Jayesh Jain
02-Feb-2002 12:18 has lots of goodies
m dot saladna at pop dot classicgamez dot cx
20-Dec-2001 12:09
A nice initial reference site I ran across to learn about dotnet-related functionality is

 Last updated: Thu, 21 Aug 2003
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