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Last updated: Thu, 21 Aug 2003

XIII. Cybercash payment functions


These functions are only available if the interpreter has been compiled with the --with-cybercash=[DIR].

This extension has been moved from PHP as of PHP 4.3.0 and now CyberCash lives in PECL.

If you have questions as to the latest status of CyberCash then the following CyberCash Faq will be helpful. In short, CyberCash was bought out by VeriSign and although the CyberCash service continues to exist, VeriSign encourages users to switch. See the above faq and PECL link for details.

Table of Contents
cybercash_base64_decode -- base64 decode data for Cybercash
cybercash_base64_encode -- base64 encode data for Cybercash
cybercash_decr -- Cybercash decrypt
cybercash_encr -- Cybercash encrypt

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Cybercash payment functions
bens at dantz dot com
18-Jul-2003 08:23
Just a note, in case there is anyone out there with my situation: If anyone is stuck on Windows and is stuck with the Cybercash APIs, but wants to upgrade to PHP >= 4.3.0, I've found that an older php_cybercash.dll file will work (I copied it from an old 4.22 installation...  other versions probably work as well).
nathan at cjhunter dot com
01-Aug-2000 07:18
We use cybercash and php for all our website's financial transactions. I developed CyberClass ( as a clean up and extension of CyberLib. I recommend that you use CyberClass over CybeLib.
mikebabcock at pobox dot com
17-Jul-2000 11:34
The cyberlib.php file is a library of functions for use with your Cybercash transaction php files.  The test.php file contains an example transaction that is very simple:

 $merchant=""; /* Your merchant ID goes here. */
 $merchant_key=""; /* Your merchant key goes here. */

                $auth_type,array("Order-ID" => "2342322",
                "Amount" => "usd 11.50",
                "Card-Number" => "4111111111111111",
                "Card-Address" => "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue",
                "Card-City" => "Washington",
                "Card-State" => "DC",
                "Card-Zip" => "20500",
                "Card-Country" => "USA",
                "Card-Exp" => "12/99",
                "Card-Name" => "Bill Clinton"));

    echo $key."=".$val."<br>";

For all those without source; hope this helps.
dave at bcdei dot com
07-Jul-2000 09:54
**Posted to the newgroup by Mike Robinson <> **

In the php4 source, under ext/cybercash, you'll see a couple of files with
sample snippets in them, cyberlib.php and test.php. The mck comes with some
documentation as well. (Note, in the php3 source, the dir is extra/cyberlib)
Other than that, I've seen very little.

 Last updated: Thu, 21 Aug 2003
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