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Last updated: Thu, 21 Aug 2003

Appendix O. Missing Stuff

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Missing Stuff
ashok at future-i dot com
08-Oct-2003 07:03
You can achieve scripts running as their owners with suEXEC in Apache on sensible platforms.
I find URI reprocessing with mod_rewrite far more pleasant than the  handler-gubbins for servlets. If that's too hefty for you there's always mod_alias.
Trying to pack things Apache already does well into PHP would be a mistake.
idumali at users dot sourceforge dot net
03-May-2003 09:15
As a person sharing his time between J2EE (work) and PHP (personal) development, whenever I develop in PHP I really feel the lack of several features, so usual for Java developers:
1) Solid MVC model2 framework
2) Custom tag support (this would automatically solve the problem of nice templating)
3) Servlet container to map definite URIs to uri-handler php scripts easily. You can do that through .htaccess to some extent but as PHP is a module of Apache by far and by most - I think it could be supported MUCH better.
4) Solid database persistence layer (something like JDO, ODMG, OQL etc.)
5) Cache management
6) Clustering support.
7) Security framework (in the spirit of JAAS)
8) Logging
9) There's a huge concern with the security under Unix. This is partly address by safe_mode but then you get a castrated system. I think the source of the problem is - all the php scripts are processed under user "nobody". Per application assignment of which user scripts are run with - would solve a lot of the issues, in my understanding, if it would become possible.

Now, this is quite a long list but me and my friends decided to put our sgare of work and have begun project Penub (PHP Nuts and Bolts that tries to address the first three of the list.

At the current stage we have addressed the question of custom tag support. Solution is XML-based and quite nice. Servet-uri mapper is also solved in somewhat generalised way through .htaccess (integrated solution is still much preferred and awaited, tho - we just do not have enough resources to go that deep). MVC model that leverages those two - is under construction.

If anybody wants to join us in the effort, please, leave a notice at

All the resources/docs there are closed and for-developers-only, until we release the first official version but if you wish to join us as a developer and help us make it happen quicker - you are very welcomed.


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 Last updated: Thu, 21 Aug 2003
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