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Last updated: Thu, 21 Aug 2003


(PHP 3>= 3.0.13, PHP 4 )

ftp_get -- Downloads a file from the FTP server


bool ftp_get ( resource ftp_stream, string local_file, string remote_file, int mode [, int resumepos])

ftp_get() retrieves remote_file from the FTP server, and saves it to local_file locally. The transfer mode specified must be either FTP_ASCII or FTP_BINARY.

Note: The resumepos parameter was added in PHP 4.3.0.

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

Example 1. ftp_get() example


// define some variables
$local_file = '';
$server_file = '';

// connect to the FTP server
$conn_id = ftp_connect($ftp_server);
$login_result = ftp_login($conn_id, $ftp_user_name, $ftp_user_pass);

// try to download
if (ftp_get($conn_id, $local_file, $server_file, FTP_BINARY)) {
    echo "Successfully written to $local_file\n";
} else {
    echo "There was a problem\n";

// close the connection


See also ftp_fget(), ftp_nb_get() and ftp_nb_fget().

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05-Sep-2003 07:21
If you want, you can save in any other directory in your hard disk, for example:

ftp_get($ftpstream, "C:\somefile.exe", "somefile.exe", FTP_BINARY);
phpnet at hostar dot com dot ar
10-Jun-2003 01:03
The file transferred will be saved in the folder where the ftp_get function is executed.
So, you will need the write permission in that folder.

In other way, you will obtain a "canæ„’ open local file" error.
ramiro at qusarcr dot com
06-Nov-2002 11:36
Keep in mind that ftp_get will overwrite the file on your local machine if it has the same name.

 Last updated: Thu, 21 Aug 2003
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